Another day, another introduction . . .

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Another day, another introduction . . .

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The introduction here is about the same in tone as the one on the updated  Sitesetis. . The difference for the forum is informing the readers about forum-type things. Online forums have been around for some time so I don't have to explain much in that regard. If by some chance you are not familiar with these types of forums then click on 'Register' and it will take you to a page where the standard guidelines are noted.

Considering the current situations around the world, locally, socially, news-wise and so on, I have to admit that I'm not sure as to whether a forum for 'communication' in its best sense is viable nowadays. From smilies to 'hateys', social media seems more 'anti-social'. Instead of some civility in discourse it's become an arena for those who think freedom of speech gives them the right to say anything they want. Fair enough on the surface in terms of free speech but some have taken it to mean they can yell "Fire!" in a theater even if there is no fire and damn anyone else who thinks otherwise. And of course, let us not forget those manipulators who see a profit in courting said attitudes. There's your real, 'cyber-warfare'.

Having said all that, nonetheless I offer this forum as I've done in the past as a courtesy for whomever and whenever it may be deemed of some balanced value.


This time around I'm keeping it simple with 3 forums:

Open Road., for those who register to the forum.
Open Roads., for those who are guests and do not wish to register. The only features available are posting only to the Open Roads forum and the post is on a moderation queue until I clear it through.

I am well aware that having these two types of forums may seem to some as discriminative in some way. Yes, in a way it is. Though considering the divisions happening both locally and around the world, then I think of it more as my attempt at reasonable moderation. In any event, the duration of a sand castle depends on its distance from the shoreline.

Then there is  Situs., which basically is where I as admin provide notices, updates, etc., re the forum and also the main  Sitesetis. While this is up now as first in order it will be moved below the others soon enough.

In the next few days I will adjust a few things here and there but for now everything seems operational. Any questions, suggestions, etc., feel free to leave a message on the forum or the Contact form.

That's it. . . .

And remember: Be clear, be courteous, and if you happen to get some insight, humor, or universe-shaking revelations out of the proceedings, then that's something in the All That Is.

Thank You


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