Extrinsical Universes and Local Concerns

I stand outside the carousel of phenomena
Near enough to hear the music and see the riders
on the colorfully painted horses smile and wave at me
Near enough to not arouse suspicion from passersby
Yet removed enough for me to smile faintly at the Milky Way far above
To breathe easier in the realization that words, images, and sounds,
are simply local weather patterns
It was all about balance in all that weathering
From the day I was born
to the day I . . . . leave

In the 24 years or so of my playing on the internet with blogs, websites, and forums, there have been introductions of one sort another that I've written to fit whatever the project. With this latest revamping of Sitesetis I again thought of an introduction but somehow it didn't seem as necessary as before. So, I set aside any scriptorial urgency and the image of stepping off a carousel came to mind and the words with it easy accompaniments. Poetry? Prose? Psychological-Dimensional reverie? I'm not sure, but it's probably one of the better introductions I've experienced in a long time.

Now, for those readers who prefer their coffee on the utilitarian side, it doesn't really require that much of an explanation. It's basically progress in one's chosen endeavors and more so progress in yourself. Contemporarily, the situation is such that even McLuhan's adage has diminished in relevancy. The witness is the medium, everything else is secondary or even irrelevant. Sitesetis and all other past projects may have been mediums for me to express whatever but ultimately it always came round to me, the person, dealing with existence whether routine or unusual.

Putting it all simply, I'm going to have some fun with it. Relax that critical mind not to the point of abandonment but measuredly enough for an easier entelechy. At this stage of personal experience after years of riding bumpy roads and hauling existential baggage picked up along the way I think it best to renew feelings and perceptions for those things in life that make me feel good. I continue to ponder the big questions but I'm not going to keep working myself down about answers. The answers shall come whether in this life or in the life beyond. Is there a life beyond? All of us have wondered about that and I remember some time back in reverie about it when I heard a voice from somewhere saying: "If you want an afterlife, all you have to do is want it." It was that simple, no religon, philosophy, or any other accessories needed. All you have to do is want it and the All That Is provides free passage. Now, as to what kind of travel and scenery you can expect, I guess it depends on how much you can handle. Cosmic passports are fun but it takes some time and space to apply for one. :-)

The forum has been streamlined and is now called,  SITUS. Check it out if you have the time and space.

Thank You