There have been numerous rewrites by myself of an introduction to Sitesetis. This is probably the last rewrite. In previous versions I always tried to be as precise as possible, explain this or that aspect, my reasons for doing so, and so on. But I have to be honest with myself in the realization that the present state of the web, and that of course being a reflection of society in general, is hardly the expectation that I and many others had of it as a medium for communication and especially understanding  between people. Instead, what is evident is anything from a clamoring of regressive voices condemning social equality all the way to a weaponizing of the medium whether by citizens or by a foreign country. Yet, I'm also quite aware that there are many people who do believe in understanding in the interest of a better world for all. Personally, it's for them, and with them, that I am able to dismiss the regressiveness of some and move forward.

But even more important on a personal level is that at this point in my life I've managed to get rid of a lot of baggage that I didn't even know I was carrying around. I might have suspected the baggage was there but to actually do something about it can be a trying and often complicated task for anyone. I won't bother the reader with a psychological treatise about me, each person has enough to deal with on their own. So, after many years of, shall we say, rigorous concerns about existence, all that I'm keeping the keel even for is to have whatever time I have left of life to be the best ever, regardless of the myriad of existential references purporting to be supportive.

In the nearly 25 years that I've played and worked with computers, made a couple of websites and various blogs and forums, I reasonably know what is and what is not. I don't profess to be a master at computers, the internet, or society. The only thing one has to master above anything else is their sense of self in this context of time and space that we exist in. In that sense, Sitesetis is just a few words in the diary. That others add it or not to their diaries is not the point, the point is simply to continue ahead of diaries whether yours or of others.

So, Sitesetis continues but I'm not going to overly concern myself with it. That may sound to others as an abandonment of some sort but to me it's simply about putting the endeavor in a proper context relative to everything else. If I were to really abandon it, i.e., not attend to the functionality, code, design, and interest, etc., then this website would not exist.

The layout is simple: The Main page, the Introduction which you are reading here, the Archives, the Forum, the Comments page, Contact page and the Radio page. Re subscription, since newer content will be uploaded to Sitesetis infrequently then you can subscribe your email to be notified of new content; a lot more convenient than coming back to check if there's anything new. There is also an 'Other' section for various pages as they are added.

All pages can be accessed via menu icon at top-left. The exceptions being the Forum and Contact page where a link is provided to Main or you can use the back-button.

At the present there are no ads in Sitesetis. If you see any ads, popups, etc., be assured that they do not originate from here.

Lastly, in the book, 'Thinking and Destiny' by Harold W. Percival (1946), he states in the introduction that the purpose of life: ". . . is not merely to find happiness, either here or hereafter. Neither is it to “save” one’s soul. The real purpose of life, the purpose that will satisfy both sense and reason, is this: that each one of us will be progressively conscious in ever higher degrees in being conscious; that is, conscious of nature, and in and through and beyond nature. By nature is meant all that one can be made conscious of through the senses."

If that is so, then one of the messages is that there are going to be many lifetimes ahead and also that there have been many lifetimes before. This current lifetime is certainly as important, as palpable as can be, but anyone with some years to their name knows that castles, whether made of sand, stone, or the self, are subject to the inexorable motion of time and space. I figure best to continue up the road with as much a measure of mindfulness and faith as possible and let the tides and weather do what they've always done. For me, it makes for a better enjoyment of the scenery.

Thank You

Daniel V.