'Regions' is for open comments by anyone, from anywhere. Yes, even for off-worlders. :-)

--- Update 6.11.2018 : This section soon to be replaced by a forum ---

I figure the majority of readers are already familiar with the standard guidelines for comments. Just the same, here's my only rule: If a poster's comments are extremely out of phase, I delete the comment. If a poster's conduct seems to be continually one of such character, then I remove the poster. This does not mean that controversial expressions are not allowed, it means presenting that expression, whether in agreement or disagreement, in a manner conducive to the cooperative premise of a venue for public comments. In short, criticism is one thing, excessive reactionary attitudes are something else.

Until I find a better comments platform the Disqus system is used. Post text and/or images. If it's a video then do not embed it - put a link to it; the reason is that videos tend to slow down comments systems. This may change later on but for the moment let's just go with links to videos.

It would be nice if posters noted the city or country which they're from but if they choose to remain regionally anonymous then that is their right. It would also be nice if this became a venue for intelligent and mindful commentary but that's simply a personal expectation. As to what it actually becomes, time and space will tell.

Thank You

Daniel V.