Radio Page

I've set this page up for friends and others to enjoy various radio stations without having to go through multiple searches, installations, etc. I'm simply facilitating access. Ownership and all related matters are with the artists and stations themselves.

If you want listen to the music and view Sitesetis, Sitesetis Forums or any other website, keep this page in its own tab.

If you close a station then click the X at top right of panel to bring back the player. On a phone screen you may have to scroll-right to see the X.

You can control the volume either from your browser or with the microphone icon on the station's panel.

Note:: The stations used to provide track info on the player but for some reason they stopped. If you want to see the playlist then click on the name of the station just above the player. Remember that on some playlist pages you may have to refresh the page to see what's currently playing. If you think you're going to stay on that station for awhile then go to the playlist page and activate the music there so you can always tab over to see what's playing. If you do that then please close the Radio Page tab here.

The stations chosen are either nearly continuous music or have the briefest commercials after several songs.

Daniel V. - 2022

Echoes of Bluemars (USA)

Planet Ambi (Switzerland)

STR - Space Travel Radio (Germany)

Radio Symphony (New York City)

Radio Art - Solo Harp (Greece)

1.FM Bossa Nova Hits (Switzerland)

Tango Radio Berlin (Germany)

playlist in German
Note: Strange station in that every few tango songs they throw in a brief clip of music that has nothing to do with tango. :-D

J-Rock Powerplay (Japan)

The Great American Songbook (New York City)
Note: When you get to the page go to 'Our Playlist' then in the dropdown choose 'Right Now!'. A panel will apear with the playlist.

Radio Dismuke (USA)
20s 30s 40s Jazz, Swing