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Why This Forum & How to Register

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When I thought about making a new forum for Sitesetis I asked myself a simple question: Why?

Having participated in online forums in the past and making and administrating a couple of them myself I've seen the changes that have come about as to how they are regarded. The most apparent is that forums gave way to things like Twitter, Disqus, Facebook, and others. Those can be considered forums but they're more abbreviated than the 'long-form' of forums some years back where commenters would give readers at least a relatively substantial sense of whatever was being discussed.

Some might say that my regard of such is "old school", that things move a lot quicker nowadays and that when it comes to smartphone attention spans anything more than four sentences is just too much to deal with. Less is more, I get it, and sometimes all it takes is a few sentences for a point to be made. But by the same measure less is sometimes just less. Add to that the current social climate where many consider the confirmation of biases as sufficient substantiation and one can't help but wonder that if 'Run, Spot, Run' were reissued today it would be criticized as a liberal manifesto.

Who knows, maybe less-is-more is just the beginnings of telepathic awareness where forums won't be needed. Sounds cool, but I'm not sure if I'm ready for telepathic ad hominems, people that morph their faces into assorted cuddly animals, or worse, flitting inside my head. Brave new world indeed. Maybe in time tin-foil hats won't seem so crazy.

Anyway, having said all that and the aforementioned experience I've had with forums, etc., I know by now that personal expectations are simply personal and that if I can approximate even 15% of those expectations then I should be thankful. Besides, as I've mentioned in the Sitesetis introduction the only thing one has to master above anything else is their sense of self in this context of time and space that we exist in. That's enough of a task and far transcends concerns technological and otherwise.

This forum is here for anyone who wants to use it, whether by an individual or a group sharing a particular interest. As to the addition of forums for those interests that's a matter of how many are interested and developed therefrom. Please keep in mind that the subject matter has to be relatively civil, i.e., nothing that's widely considered offensive, etc. On that note, politics can also be discussed as long as the facts - not alternative facts - are discussed. No need for me to explain how making a point with real facts is preferable in the long run.


Click on register, follow the instructions, answer the question. Then I will send you an email notifying that your account has been activated. I would have liked it to be as an instant registration but unfortunately with spammers, blacklisted IP's, etc., some precautions are necessary.

If you have questions on any aspect of this forum before registering you can also send me a note using the Contact Page.

Thank You and Best Wishes to All

Daniel V.

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