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Homo what? Oh, sapiens, yes
Chimpanzee in fancy dress
Then one day it started farming
And ecologically self-harming
Millennia passed; it never learned
Fiddled while the planet burned
Cleverest ape there’s ever been
Anthropos of the Anthropocene

Cue battlecries, Silent Springs
Summers of Love and hippy things
Environmentalism’s birth
Jonathan Porritt’s “Save The Earth”
Save the Earth? Save it from what?
Whatever’s in danger, Earth is not
Ah, back in the day when I was a Green
And nobody mentioned the Anthropocene

Times have changed, we have to admit
It’s far too late to dodge this shit
Stare the monster in the face
Karma for the human race
There’s a whole new era dawning
Old one’s over, I’m not mourning
Come to terms, feeling stoic
Not Anthropocene but Anthropozoic

Cleverest Ape there ever was
Caring, sharing Anthropos
Didn’t want to read the runes
Sowed the wind and reaped typhoons
Environmentalism? Empty shell
Green-blue planet? Terrestrial hell
Rock and hard place, in-between
Anthropos of the Anthropocene
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Re: Anthropocene


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When I saw the word, 'Anthropocene', it immediately reminded of this image from a piece I wrote in Sitesetis and its caption:


Essentially, it was a pondering that dismissed (even if temporary) the span of vast time for something more immediate and psychologically amenable. Big questions and big scales of time can often leave one spinning. Sitting there by Lake Mead, beautiful scenery and a fresh atmosphere, the value of the personal, present view was palpable. Something in me set aside considerations that the surrounding landscape was millions of years old. I just breathed in this moment and its welcomed sigh.

Maybe if indeed one's consciousness transcends to higher realms of life, who knows then what the character of "values" will be in that new beginning.

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