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A forum project seeking the original members of philosophyforums.com for a reunion.
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Re: Hello everybody

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Step by step...here's the thing buddy....When you make a venue into a chore, like demanding the participants to learn programming to participate, you've already castrated yourself.
Like starting an "experimental forum" in Mandarin...and then selling it to a non-Chinese audience.

Just my two cents...and sorry for not delivering it in the format of your preference, using the lingo of your preference, in the style of your preference, in the schedule of your preference.
I'm anti-social, so you will understand not wanting a casual conversation to become a job.

Good luck with your project.
γνῶθι σεαυτόν
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Re: Hello everybody

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No one has to learn programming to participate in the forum. So that others understand the 'programming' reference, it was in response to your wanting to put a very lengthy piece into numerous post segments one after the other. I suggested a separate page where you could post/link your entire essay with no limit on word count where others could read it all at their discretion and in its entirety. There was no particularly personal intent directed at you in said suggestion, the intent is basically a matter of organizing the elements of the forum for ease of access and an uncluttered format. No more simple or complicated than that and doubtful that many would regard it as a chore or some type of neutering. The page is a simple format, all one had to do was fill the blanks. Here is the page so others can see what it looks like.

What, 'anti-social', has to do with that, I'm not sure and should that be of any concern to me? Nonetheless, I respect that for you it means something.

Thank you for the well-wishing. It is appreciated.

Daniel V.

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