It's not easy bein' Emil Cioran

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It's not easy bein' Emil Cioran


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If you have never heard of Emil Cioran then it's possible that after watching the video some will think that they were glad they didn't. In terms of the human being's place in existence, Cioran is not a happy camper. For example, "No one recovers from the disease of being born, a deadly wound if there ever was one." Imagine that being added as lyrics to, “Its not easy bein' green”. Considering Kermit's star-power he would have nixed that right away.

But some of what I've read from Cioran really resonates: "We inhabit a language rather than a country." I discovered that some decades ago on my own* and through the years it has been evident in many ways. Especially nowadays with the inhabitants of the far-right and Fox New's particularly ghoulish take on existential grammar.

(* Though more as a 50/50 engagement between language and external.)

Then there are Cioran's inconsistencies which go against the general grain of nihilism: "Skepticism is the sadism of embittered souls." Skepticism on a large scale is a component of skepticism. Was Cioran admitting that he was an embittered soul because of nihilistic skepticism? Would not an embittered soul know in some way what constitutes not being embittered? I haven't read all of Cioran's writings but I've not yet found something where he illustrates the core, existential balance from where he deduces all the bitter imbalances. But Cioran shouldn't bear the brunt of this particular stance, many philosophers have been vague as to their sine qua non references.

It's been said that the way you regard reality is the way reality regards you. So if you're an optimist then reality will be optimistic, and if you are a nihilist then reality will be nihilistic. Think of, 'you are what you eat', but in this case you are what you think and relatedly feel. If this is true, then existence itself is a shape-shifting event/situation. There are no 'absolutes' except maybe those that you attribute to it. If there are personal values to the attributes, i.e., valuable to your beingness, then it makes for an interesting context: There are no absolute values but you can navigate that field by being an absolute element, e.g., there are no guarantees out on the ocean but you can make sure to have a reliably operating ship.

Look up Cioran in any search engine and you'll find a lot more than I can briefly mention here. In particular, look at his bio on Wikipedia. With any philosopher it's always wise to see where he or she came from, and how their times formed them. Therein you will find many 'reasons.'

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