A Few Words, Many Worlds . . .

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A Few Words, Many Worlds . . .


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Hi to everyone.

Personally, the past year and some has been quite the mix of the intense, the revelatory, and sometimes regarding the current social landscape whether online or in actuality as a bad, B- movie with the title, 'The Agony and The Idiocy'. But thankfully the years have taught me to regard nonsense with a this-too-shall-pass attitude. I used to think that I had to be responsible for everything but the problem with that is that most of the things regarded exhibit little, if any, responsibility themselves. Do I still feel responsibility for anything? Yes, I do, but now it's more a private concern and thus far it seems the better position to have. Am I still critical of some things? Sure, but I don't feel the need for my emotions to get overly worked-up over things that are still basically representational of whatever. I can't say that I was predisposed to such in earlier years, but there were moments.

"There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge." __ Isaac Asimov

“If I think it’s true, no matter why or how I think it’s true, then it’s true, and nobody can tell me otherwise.” __ Kurt Andersen, Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire: A 500-Year History

Those quotes seem fairly indicative of what is going on today. In the Asimov one you can replace '-intellectualism' with '-common sense' and it's good to go. The second one is about the same in that it's an entrenched position regardless of the facts. Do you remember 'facts'? I still do. Facts of one sort or another are what helped to make civilizations. But if confirmation of bias starts running rampant as its own 'truth', well, things start to get a little squirrelly. Yes, I'm sure some of you will cite the first Hermetic principle in all of this as license for anything goes. If so, just remember that the ALL very easily surpasses the local. That means that whichever side of the fence you're on may not matter - especially when the fence itself can be removed without notice.

But I digress . . .

Anyway, it seems the message in bottles about PhilosophyForums.com (PF) reunion are still out there, moving along with the currents whether Atlantic or Pacific. Sooner or later some may wash to shore and someone will pick one up. Thus far there have been over a thousand views of the, 'Why this forum and how to register', posting so at least some are aware. That there aren't more registrants doesn't bother me. Better a lightly populated forum than one filled with things just for the sake of filler. I recently experimented by joining up at a another board - which shall remain nameless - to see how things were going nowadays forum-wise. There were some interesting comments here and there but in general it felt like I was on a post-apocalyptic board with people stumbling around trying to make sense of it all. Funny, sad, take your pick. :-)

The new forum section, 'Beyond Philosophy', is for anyone and everyone regardless if you were part of PF. It can be about philosophy or anything 'beyond' it, e.g., are philosophical interpretations of whatever basically snapshots of a particular time and space and that they too eventually fade like old photos do? Maybe in the maelstrom of philosophies there are only a few time-tested universals like Thales', 'Know Thyself', and some others. The rest of it merely rhetorical costuming.

In the next few days I will be renewing the hosting on all of this. I have about 48 databases that I can use but as to what they will be used for I'm not exactly sure and I don't think I want to concern myself with that many databases being used. I thought of a library with docs, articles, miscellanea and such that relate somehow 'philosophically'. Maybe a WordPress, photo gallery, or something like that which can be used by forum members and the public can read/view.

Added some BB codes to the forum like, centering, an 'hr' line, and superscript for those who like their referencing. Will add more if I think it's warranted or if someone suggests it. I also changed avatar dimensions to max 96x128.

Lastly, for those already registered and those considering it, it's simply about a different approach to the premise of a forum. Think of it like the aforementioned message in a bottle. It's stated then floats on the ocean of the internet/web. Some will find it now, some later, some never at all. And of course, the best that the message can be expressed, the longer its resonance. As to what's 'best', I leave that to the discernment of members and readers.

Let me take this opportunity to wish all of you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Good New Year. I think this coming year is going to be a good one for me, various and long-standing things are getting resolved in one way or another. And other things have outlived their usefulness - or perceived usefulness.

So, if you're up to it, drop a few words as to how things are going. As for myself, I really enjoy the time away from the keys. It feels more natural and makes for something substantial - at least to me - when I do post something and in other activities. In essence, enjoy the forum however fleeting and/or extensive it may be in your interpretation. In the interim, enjoy how nice and airy it looks. :-D


Daniel V.


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