Two Unequal Columns

Column 1

1. As can be seen at full screen (I use 1366px), the image is not expanding the column vertically. I thought placing it in column 2 in the code would do this but apparently it is not like a container.

2. As it is collapsed toward 480, at around the 690 mark it shows the image neatly reduced to the columns length but below that it gets smaller and then upon reaching 480 the image pops back full-size covering both columns.

3. I've tried, clearfix, overflow, etc., but none are working.

4. As you can notice with this line of text it shows that it also overflows column 1.

Thus, what I am attempting is illustrated in this quick graphic I made. Note: I am aware that for 480 I would need a smaller image, so I would change the image in the media query. I used a smaller image of the telephone pole for the mobile-size graphic.

***********UPDATE*********** Solved, as can be seen now when collapsed to 480.

telephone pole