Sitesetis Comments Page

This is the comments page for Sitesetis. Previously I had a Disqus comment form on every page but in the interest of streamlining things I thought it best to have just one page for all comments. The only page where a comment form still remains is, 'A Friend Visits - 2018'. Those familiar with the Disqus form will know how to use it. Addedly, on this form you can also make anonymous comments: Guest comments intructions
You can make up any name you like. You will still need an email so use one of those email addresses you rarely use.

Guest comments can also be made on the 'Open Road - for Non-Registered Guests' forum. Comments on the forum are on a moderation queue yet are swiftly considered.

In any case, indicate what you are referring to.

Any questions, let me know via contact page.

Thank You

Daniel V.