Think of 'Regions' as Rivers

As a river has a channel for the water to flow, think of 'Regions' as a river and the commenting system as the channel for thoughts and expressions to flow. There are no main questions though you can ask one if you wish and see if others answer. It might branch off into another river, a stream, end up in a pond, soak into the ground, or just evaporate. Make it an expression of 140 characters or impress everyone with several paragraphs of meticulous design. Just post whatever you feel is relevant whether to you as an individual or to the world at large.

What makes the 'river' of comments different from other websites' use of a comments area? Overall, not that much of a difference but I thought that by establishing the free flow/free association aspect from the get-go it might make for a different regard and approach from the poster/reader. As to what the result of that will be, I figure it may be evident after a period of time and then 'tracking the river' and noting what, if anything, of an emergent aspect. Depending on how large the particular 'rivers' become, then periodically I could make a PDF with the best comments from that continent as indicated by the posters themselves by up-votes or otherwise. That aspect will of course depend on how many comments there are thus making for a substantial selection, i.e., a tally of comments that would warrant a collection, etc.

There are six Regions sections, each one devoted to a continent. Each section is intended for those who live in that particular continent. My reason for indicating a continent instead of a country is simply a matter of 'grouping' into a larger geographical context rather than nationalistic location. This does not mean that a poster cannot mention anything having to do with his or her sense of whichever nation they are a part of, in the times we live in there is obviously much that relates to nations and their particular identity. But these times are also a precursor to a larger, global concern and the increasing technological connectedness is evidence of it. There is nothing wrong with the 'local' but ultimately it is nothing more nor less than a temporal identifier.

Another consideration is that if eventually I note in the tally 1000 posts from a particular city then that city will have its own page, its own 'river'. Again, all of that depends on participation. Note: Antarctica is not included simply due to the low population. If it happens that someone posts from there they can indicate Antarctica or continent of origin.

'Politically' speaking, considering all the news and doings of the government here in the U.S. and governments elsewhere, all one has to do is look at posting boards near and far to see reactions ranging from acceptance to defiance. In the U.S. this has been quite notable in the reactions to Donald Trump being elected to the presidency. Personally, I have enough years to my name to know about Trump's dealings in business and with the public over time and there is nothing in that record that leads me to believe that he is about 'unification'. Some have said that he represents a revolution of sorts and I can see that, but representing a revolution and leading one are different things. By now Trump has exposed enough baggage of one type or another to make him seem more carpetbagger than statesman. True statesmanship attempts unification without exploitation.

Having said all of that, those who support Trump can certainly post here if they wish but not if it's an excuse to rant and troll about alternative facts, 'fake news', flipping the script, blaming the messenger rather than the message, and all the other I'm-rubber-you're-glue excuses. Anything like that will be deleted and likewise the individuals responsible for it if they persist; and in case anyone should ask, that goes for both sides of the fence. In other words, if you've got something to say then bring it up to a level where the facts, not the attitudes, are examined in the clearest possible manner. You'll be doing all of us a favor.

As example, my best friend of many years voted for Trump and I voted for Hillary Clinton. Obviously we have differences of opinion but it has not changed our friendship. Whichever aspect may be at issue we both realize that the larger picture beyond our individual concerns requires the efficiency of a compromise. Putting it another way, we've come too far to let a flat tire run the U.S. into a ditch. Either the tire gets patched, replaced, and we drive on, or we even walk continuing on that road to a more perfect union. The 'road' didn't provide roadside services to past empires and civilizations and it's not about to provide such to current biases of destiny.

Posting guidelines? Well, if it's going to be free flow/free association then there can't be too many guidelines, that would be like damming the river here and there. But because I - and I think others - would like a clear river instead of a sewer drain, then out of necessity there has to be a measure of monitoring. That task falls to me as admin/moderator. Having said that, here's how I see it using the river analogy: If I see something in the river that has the potential to dam up the flow, but it simply goes by in the rush and out of view, then I will let it go its way yet remain on record. But if it catches on to something in the river or by the banks, then I will get rid of it and any other debris it has snagged. Now, if it is something that is obviously offensive and with no regard for the sensibilities of others, then I will get rid of it permanently from the record. And if the poster responsible for whatever continues to do the same, then I will afford them the same permanent courtesy. And if you have a complaint about my decision? I will listen.

Post in the language you want. Of course, if you post in English then there will be a larger audience, possible response, etc. But there are those who may want to post in their own language and that's perfectly acceptable. Just remember that I will not be able to moderate in all the languages. Eventually some may wisht to volunteer as moderators for the particular language but again that will depend on overall participation.

That's about it for now. If there are any questions re all that I've stated above then please feel free to comment or if necessary use the Contact page.

The North America page and the other continents will be up in the next week. The comments section on this page is for general comments re Regions.

Thank You

Daniel V.


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