Up till recently I had something posted here, some of it what I have more or less now put in the Main page introduction. There are so many "news" outlets online that I figure it's best to leave this page pending. So at the present I'm turning it over to the readership - you make the news. Put it in the Disqus comments on this page. You can comment on the news of the day, put links to articles, post images (no videos but links to them are ok). You can even post news about yourself, your website, your state of mind, etc. But remember: this is public commenting and as such you might get feedback ranging from sympathetic to critically dismissive. If you're familiar with the term, 'defensive driving', then think of it as defensive commenting. Get to your destination safely and stress-free. And of course, if I note drivers who are getting too reckless their vehicle will be impounded if necessary. :-)

Comments and suggestions as to NEWS page development are also welcomed.

Daniel V.


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