Once Upon a Time . . .

. . . in The Land of Internet

Once upon a time, I thought that making a website would be an interesting thing to do. With a computer, an internet connection, and some knowledge of the code for constructing a webpage I could express creativity, opinion, whatever, and potentially have it seen worldwide. I still find interest in this but it's been modified in some ways by seeing how others regard this form of communication.

While many continue to be educational, creative and positive in their expressions, there are others to whom not only the internet but the larger technological realm seems an outlet for destructiveness. Some will say that destruction is inevitable in that it paves the way for better constructions, and I would agree with that to an extent. But it's naive to think that all who are destructive possess a balance where they recognize the rights of others who do not want destruction. History attests to this and contemporarily one can see many with this self-serving attitude, especially in our government and governments elsewhere.

Due to the politicization that we all have been witness to whether in government, the media or on a personal basis, the labels that others might apply to Sitesetis are progressive, liberal, Democrat, left, etc. Personally, I've never regarded myself with what I would term as the knee-jerk semantics of the matter. A few years in the vest pocket has taught me that time inevitably dismisses all labels in favor of a common denominator. Water seeks its own level? So does the consciousness of humankind regardless of particulars. It is that denominator which has kept humankind going through empires, wars, civilizations, and so on. Without it I probably wouldn't have written this and you probably wouldn't even exist to read it.

The question then is an age-old one: How does the individual negotiate between his or her inner self and the REALITY which surrounds them? Whether recognized or not, this is what each one of us does from the moment we wake up till we go to sleep at night. Every moment is a negotiation to get us to the next moment. To be fully aware of this negotiation from moment to moment would for many be maddening, but at the end of the day we usually reflect, tally up and distill it all for some kind of assessment and hopefully a better sense of balance in whatever is to come.

So, with the sense of what this technology of information can do in a more constructive sense, I made Sitesetis with the intention of it being a place where people who have at least a relative sense of that balance can present and exchange what they deem as in the cause of a more perfect union not only in an American sense but also for the world which we all share regardless of nationalistic labels. If humankind is to survive then there is no other recourse than to cooperate. Don't mistake that as some utopian daydream on my part, it's just a hard fact that reality in the long run plays no favorites and more stringently, does not suffer fools. The Mohave Desert region where I live is a wonderful place with magnificent vistas and fascinating features for young and old. But if you're not mindful and find yourself without any water or others to help you, the vistas and fascination will still continue for others as you drop dead on the spot.

In previous websites, blogs and forum projects that I had in past years I elaborated on what I was trying to do sometimes to the point of many details. For Sitesetis I don't particularly feel the need to elaborate. At this time in my life I have enough elaboration and unelaboration to personally deal with. I figure the majority of readers are intelligent enough to supply their own details and 'take it from here' to wherever. There are other aspects in development for Sitesetis but I wanted to get this online on June 1, 2017 as the beginning date.

Summing it all up, I can design and manage Sitesetis with as much integrity as I am capable of, but its psychological design and most essential, its truth, will emerge overall from those who participate. I'm fine with that, in fact, I look forward to it.

Lastly, yet it gives an intriguing scent of something that is beginning, increasingly I find myself in a state of being where I am coming to terms with an acceptance that language, knowledge, and even whatever we individually regard as virtuous, is only a local proposition. At this moment there's no way for me to put all the implications of that in a convenient framework for the reader, and likewise for myself. So let's leave it as is and maybe as time moves on a serendipitous verb, adjective, or simply silence, shall light up the path.

. . . .

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Thank You

Daniel V.

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