A friend visiting

Those who have visited Sitesetis in the past may remember photo essays from when my friend, Dave, from LA would visit for a few days once a year or so for some travels to local, outdoor areas.

Well, he will be visiting this Sunday (March 5) for 4 days. We'll be taking many photos and catching up on how things have been going in our respective worlds. I will post an essay probably by next weekend. :-)



First, I want to thank those who visited Sitesetis in the past and who returned now and then to see what, if anything, was happening. Things were happening, but they were, 'very away from the keyboard'. As the years proceed that distance seems to be increasing, whether as a natural waning of interest or particular decisional complex, I'm not sure. But whichever it may be, let's just say that like many others I enjoy using a computer but cannot deny that encompassing REALITY in which the computer is simply another 'thing' amid the many.

Secondly, the interfacing with computers in its various forms seems to have created a social culture that for all its focusing displays an attention deficit in other areas. On any given day one can go out the door and see people everywhere sitting or parading around with their 'smartphones' and by the look of it you'd think that society was really becoming informed at a rapid rate with all the knowledge of the world at their hands. At the beginning of all this technology that was the promise, but when I see something like the photo, 'face-swapping' feature on a well-known website, well, suffice it to say that even I would be tempted to alert the Witchfinder General. Then again, maybe in retrospect that website will seem like harmless fun compared to the ghastliness that has been going on over in Washington D.C. But that's another story.

Now, a question could very well be asked of me: Are you not contributing with your website to the saturation/condition you're criticizing? In a way I would have to say that yes, I am adding to it. That being said, then what I'm left with are two positions re the website: One, at least I am aware of such, i.e., I know I'm adding to the premise rather than coding away blissfully ignorant of the social arithmetic. Two, being thusly aware then I can make the effort of some measure of responsibility and mindfulness overall. Hopefully that would yield some value recognzed by others. Anything more than that I leave to EVOLUTION and its uncontestable assessments. :-)

Sitesetis will continue though with a slightly different structure than it had. Basically, the change reflects both the streamlining of the website in terms of functionality and also in respect to my current perception and attitude toward life and circumstances thereof. Thus what I figured on trying for Sitesetis this go-round is for the main part of it to be turned over to the readership. How this will be done will be evident in the next couple of weeks. I already have the basics in mind but I want to fine tune it.

May I add that I will also be fine tuning personal matters at the same time. Such a tandem makes for tricky tuning. I have to find a balance and while it can be stressful perhaps it may be of some benefit in the making of this website - may be.

I hope everyone's new year has begun at least on relatively good footing.

For the moment, I've embedded some sounds from Echoes of Bluemars which you can turn on at the bottom of this page.

Any suggestions, comments, or simply want to express your concerns about the galactic overlords en route to Earth, send it to, (note: made some changes to server, email is now working-01.17.2017)

Daniel V.


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